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Interior Geoglyphs


Geoglyph paintings by Jay von Werlhoff along east wall of Main Exhibit Hall.

Headings and labels will be added soon.

The depicted scenes are geolyphs from the Yuman creation story. The geoglyphs basically follow the banks of the Colordo River from near Topoc in the north to Yuma in the south.

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Here are two culprits that attempted to disrupt the cremation of Kumat, the main creator. Heavenly Snake attempted to halt the cremation by invading the creator's house atop Ave Kwame (Newberry Mountain, north of Needles), the site of creation. Mastahmo, Kumaat's son, cut off the head of the intruder, but was unable to prevent the coyote from leaping into tne creation and stealing Kumat's heart, which he devoured atop a mountain in southern Arizona. The main figure in this scene is Mustahmo, a tall geoglyph which can be seen from Highway 95, 17 miles north of Blythe.

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One of the rock art details.

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What's a petroglyph? Answers to this and many other questions will be found at the museum once it opens.


This geoglyph near Blythe is actually over 100 feet long.Highlight color


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